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Friday, December 12, 2008

Peavy deal, dead

Just turned out to be too expensive for the Cubs.
While that caliber of pitcher would have made the Cubs rotation that much deeper, the Padres wanted to much youth in return. Talks of Pie, Marquis, Derosa abound, plus who knows how many minor leaguers too.
Also, with the Trib in BK, as well as about to be sold, Hendry couldn't pull the string on that huge contract.
Who will we get now? Randy Johnson? that's a rental at best, as he's ancient, and will draw a decent salary based on his prior stats. If they do, that would help the Cubs, since he has been dominant against them.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Sale of the Cubs is mixed up in the Blagojevich mess

We have all heard that the governor has been arrested for various corruption charges.
Now it comes to show that the Feds claim that he has been auctioning off Obama's Senate seat while at the same time he tried to use the Cubs sale as leverage in getting positive press in the op-ed pages of the Chicago Tribune. The federal complaint alleges Blagojevich was seeking to use the Illinois Finance Authority, an Illinois state agency that provides financing for real estate deals, and grants of other state funds to persuade the Current owner of the Cubs, the Tribune Company,who actually just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, to end its editorial campaign for Blagojevich's impeachment. There are tapes of Rod & Co. trying to run the editor out of town in exchange for the funding. Bribes. Bribes. Bribes. Corruption, Corruption, Corruption. Welcome to Chicago.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tribune files for Bankruptcy

Here is a switch, I'll be mentioning bankruptcy in my sports blog.

Tribune Co.has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Delaware.

They have said in a news release, that the Chicago Cubs, including Wrigley Field, were not included in the bankruptcy filing. Efforts to sell the Chicago Cubs will continue, the company said.

Sorry Ronny

Ron Santo did not get elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame today. The Veterans committee voted. Santo only received 39 of the 48 votes needed for election.
The committee votes every two years. The other big names, Joe Torre, Gil Hodges, Dick Allen, Jim Kaat, Tony Oliva, Al Oliver, Vada Pinson, Luis Tiant and Maury Wills also fell short.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bears v Vikings

Can the Bears get over the hurdle?
They are sitting tied for 1st place in the NFC North with the Vikings.
But, we get to travel this weekend to Minn to play them up in the Dome.
Chicago's ground game opened up last week with Matt Forte, but can our D stop their running back threat with Adrian Peterson? This week will come down to Defense....lets hope the Bears keep up their sacks like they did 5 times vs STL.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

offseason Cubs banter

ok. First off, I want to wish a warm thanks and farewell to the Chicago cub with the longest tenure, Kerry Wood. He had a brilliant start, hampered by injuries. He esurected the career after Tommy John surgery to become a pretty good closer! Now, the cubs have basically said no more, knowing he wants a long deal which they cannot afford. Goodbye Kid K, seems like just yesterday that you mowed down 20 Astros in May 1998.

Signings: Dempster- good move, but expensive.
Kevin Gregg - good talent on the cheap, to replace Kerry Wood. Will take some time to win over fans.

Prospects: Jake Peavy? Would be awesome to strengthen the pitching staff.
Imagine - Big Z, Peavy, Dempster, Ted Lilly, Rich Harden....that would be impressive. Improves the bullpen too by pushing Marquis to the pen.
Randy Johnson? would be a fix, 1-2 years tops. He's been amazing vs Cubs, but he's in his mid 40's....but he can still bring the heat. Not sure what the price will be...

Also talks are in trading Lee- expensive contract though. Hoffpauir looks like the real deal though in the minors lining up behind him.

Other talk is Furcal, always Brian Roberts, Renteria....

Hot Stove, heating up!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Congrats Philly

Good Job Phillies
You played a hell of a game.
Really wish it was my Cubbies out there though.
Did you see Ryan Howard tackle Brad Lidge? Lidge had fear in his eyes with that $5 footlong Howard coming right for him

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away...

Who was a little disappointed in the rain delay last nite?

It was the first time a world series game was ever delayed.
I have these issues with it....
1. Why didn't they try to wait it out? It was a travel day, now, if it rains all day, and they don't get the innings in today...then the whole schedule is pushed back, Tampa gets to go home to their beds, and Philly has to go to a hotel with short timing if they play on Tues, then again on Wed.
2. Starting pitchers...favors Tampa, as Cole Hamels won't be able to go back out there (he could, but not wise decision since he's 1st up when the game resumes)
3. Philly's argument is why was it called in the bottom of the 6th, and not the top of the 6th? They claim the run was scored by Tampa because of the bad conditions.
4. Home, this would be interesting, people get to go back for just 3 innings? I guess the stadium and MLB win here as they will get all new beer sales!
What do you think? let me know.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shouldn't the Bears be 5-0?

Hey all you Bears fans....aren't you a little disappointed? We really should be 5-0 right now, but we gave up a couple weak, late scores against Carolina and Tampa Bay.
Also, it is not entirely the defense's fault. Several late drives, we needed to just get 1 more 1st down to run out the clock.....Partial blame goes to Orton for some bad audibles/execution, and some to Ron Turner for play calling. Couple of first downs and we'd be 4-0. And don't get me started on Peanut Tillman's roughness penalty in OT inside the 10 yard line!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Well, that was a letdown. The Cubs stormed to a 2-0 lead, then Dempster fell apart. Walked 7 batters in 4 1/2 innings, including the pitcher, then gave up a granny to give away the lead for good. Cubs scraped out a few more hits, Manny golfed a HR too.
Let's see what Big Z can do tonight.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When was the last time both the Cubs and the White Sox won their Divisions?

This year can be something truly amazing in sports history, at least Chicago Sports History. I'll do some research, but it was definitely a long time ago, perhaps in a galaxy far far away. This town is going to be whipped into a frenzy. Is it fate? 100 year anniversary since the last Cubs World Series victory!

Cubs Skybox

Hey all. My friend Mark scored us some Skybox tickets for tonight's game vs Milwaukee Brewers. Cubs have rebounded from their bad losing streak the last couple weeks.
How about Big Z's no hitter! Follow that up with Lilly who no hit the Astro's thru 6 the following day. 1 hit in 2 days. Lovely!!

If the Cubs win tonight and tomorrow, the division is theirs and we're into the playoffs again. They look tough to beat....not as tough as World Series tix will be.

Friday, September 12, 2008

CUBS WIN...MAGIC # is 11

I'm stuck here holding useless tickets to tonights Cubs -Astros game.
I also had tickets for tomorrow.
Woe is me. Damn you IKE

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Sorry I've been away, but the Cubs are in the heat of a pennant chase.
Here's a link to a very important site.

Currently, magic # stands at lucky #13

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dan Uggla....Let's rename him to just Ugh.

Wow. What a game. Longest All Star game ever! Too bad the National League lost, because there were some great plays. I felt the best play was when Nate McLouth nailed Dioner Navarro at the plate in the bottom of the 11th.

It was almost disaterous, as both clubs were on their last pitchers. Who knew who would have picked up the ball. This is just great. The American League wins yet again and get home field advantage in the World Series yet again. Too bad, because the Cubs look great this year, and they are FANTASTIC in Wrigley. If they make it, let's hope it doesn't go to seven.

Jeers to Dan Uggla. This could be perhaps the worst baseball performance by any 1 player in All Star Game history. He committed 3 errors. He went 0-4 at the plate, including 3 strikeouts and a double play with the bases loaded.

Cubs players looked Good. Zambrano picked off Milton Bradley to top off his 2 inning, 1 hit 1 strikeout performance. Carlos Marmol shook off his horrible outing from Saturday vs the Giants...(I was was disgusting) to pitch 1 inning in relief, getting 2 K's. Aramis Ramirez drew a walk in his only at bat of the game, the only fear Fukudome generated was in the anonuncer who pronounced his name, going 0-2 with a strikeout. Ryan Dempster showed he belonged on the Team by striking out the side in the 9th inning.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Can Rugby survive in the US?

I recently attended the Barclay's Churchill Cup over the weekend, the tournament for Rugby. This was played at Toyota Park. There was a decent crowd to see the 3 matches...not sold out by far, but there were plenty there, despite being played at the same time as Game 2 of the Cubs - Sox interleague game (won by the Chicago Cubs.)
6 Teams Matched up at Toyota Park in Bridgeview, IL, with the following results:

Ireland A 33 - Argentina 8 to win the Plate championship
England Saxons 36 – Scotland A 19 to win the Churchill Cup
Canada 26 - USA Eagles 10 to win the Bowl Final

Ok, I don't know what the plate championship is, but I read online that Ireland got to keep the plate they won earlier....ok...must be like the College football rivalries where the winner keeps the trophy for a year...the little brown jug, the tomahawk, etc.

I think USA & Canada had a trophy made up, as rugby is not popular at all in the US...have you seen any highlights on ESPN?

The game is fun, and easy to learn, and they had a good crowd last weekend...although my hunch is that there were many European transplants in the stands....and ironically, it was all the Irish pubs and restaruants advertising at the matches!
Anyways, enjoy some of the photos.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Moment of silence for George Carlin...did he hear his two minute warning?

Here's to you George.

Moment of Silence
by George Carlin.

by George Carlin.

"Now, you might be wondering why I would even suggest that someone can affect the manner and style of his death. Well, it's because of a mysterious and little-known stage of dying, the two-minute warning. Most people are not aware of it, but it does exist. Just as in football, two minutes before you die you receive an audible warning: "Two minutes! Get your shit together!" And the reason most people don't know about it is because the only ones who hear it are dead two minutes later. They never get a chance to tell us.

But such a warning does exist, and I suggest that when it comes, you use your two minutes to entertain and go out big. If nothing else, deliver a two-minute speech. Pick a subject you feel passionate about, and just start talking. Begin low-key, but, with mounting passion, build to a rousing climax. Finally, in the last few seconds, scream at those around you, "If these words are not the truth, may God strike me dead!" He will. Then simply slump forward and fall to the floor. Believe me, from that moment on, people will pay more attention to you."

-From "Napalm and Silly Putty" (though orignially featured on "On the Road")

Friday, June 20, 2008

Aramis Ramirez 2HRs Finish the sox

after getting drenched for 30min walking into Wrigley Field today, I saw the Cubs rally from a 3-1 deficit to win the opening game of the cross town classic. Double plays did the Cubs in for the first 6 innings, namely Lee grounding into a double play in the first with a man on first and third. The run scored but stymied an early rally. Danks pitched well. He was pulled in the seventh. Strangely, Ozzie let him warm up first, then pulled him at the start of the 7th before the first pitch, appearantly to let Dotel get a few more warmup pitches. He needed a few more, as Derek Lee and Ramirez went deep on him, back to back to tie the game. Kerry Wood pitched out of a self created jam, having given up a leadoff double. He pitched well, striking out AJ on an appeal to 3rd base umpire, who rung him up. Ramirez topped it off by blasting a 410 foot shot to center field. His teammates gathered at home, jumping up and down, clapping and cheering while the still packed stands, filled with throngs of wrigley faithful chanted - go cubs go, go cubs go, hey Chicago whaddya say, the Cubs are gonna win today.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Finally, Big Ten football will be on Comcast Sports.

Comcast has agreed to pay about 70 cents per subscriber to the Big Ten, which had sought $1.10. It will be nice to see all of the Fighting Illini games this year, let's see if they can make another Rose Bowl push with Juice Williams now that Rashard Mendenhall has gone to play for the Steelers.

For Jen...White Sox commentary

Paulie goes down, first trip to the DH. Can it affect the Crosstown classic?
Do the White Sox have a Cubs killer?
With the Cubs-Sox inter-league series set to start this weekend...will someone emerge as a Cubs killer? Previously, it was El Caballo, Carlos Lee. He would always hit the crushing HR or the double to the gap to kill any Cubs rally during inter-league play.
Perhaps another Carlos can step up, rookie phenom Carlos Quentin has been blasting them out of the park during the first half of the year. Cubs dominated last year's crosstown classic, 5 games to 1. We'll see who can pull ahead in the race. All-time, the teams are split 30-30, with each team winning 16 at home.
I'll be at the game on Friday, so I'll let you all know how it goes.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Congrats go out to the Chicago Wolves, who have taken home another Calder Cup Trophy by winning against Scranton-Wilkes Barr last nite.

Congrats to a great career by Dominik Hasek, one of the NHL's finest goalies of all time. (He was a Blackhawk at one time, you know.) He recently hung up his skates, having won the Stanley Cup with the Detroit Red Wings.

Congrats goes out to Ken Griffey Jr. who just knocked out his 600th HR, joining an elite list of superstar ballplayers- Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Barry Bonds, and Sammy Sosa. He truly epitomizes the game of baseball..from his bloodlines, to his million dollar smile. It is scary to think where he'd be if the last 7 years weren't riddled with injuries. Truly one of baseball's all time greats.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cedric Benson---good as done...Hello Matt Forte

Cedric Benson, what were you thinking?
I refer you to my last blog post about being a smart athlete, and pay people to do your dirty work, like driving...
Cedric Benson was arrested again yesterday on suspicion of DUI. Gotta love the mug shot, pretty similar to last time don't you think? What is so funny?
Why doesn't he pay one of his entourage $50k a year just to be his driver?
Idiot. So much for living up to the expectations of a 4th pick overall. Go find Curtis Ennis, Rashaan Salaam and all the other lame RB's that the bears have drafted. Bears Brass has been either hit or miss..
Hits: Red Grange, Walter Payton, Neal Anderson (to some degree)
Misses: Curtis Ennis, Rashaan Salam, Cedric Benson.
Hit -via Trades- Thomas Jones...hit while he was here, miss for letting him go last year and sticking with their investment in Benson.
Hello Matt have basically just won the starting job as the Chicago Bears running back, without having to take a snap.
Good thing we have a great Quarterback....oh, wait......
in the immortal words of Napoleon Dynamite.."Idiot!"

6/9/08-4:22pm update:

Quoting Jerry Angelo:
"Disappointment is too much an often-used word when we're talking about Cedric, and the number one lesson for every player is protect your job," Angelo said. "So we're all held accountable for our actions."

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lord Stanley Visits Hockeytown

Yes, The Detroit Red Wings have won the Stanley Cup in 2008. A few interesting facts mentioned on the NBC TV broadcast on Monday and again last night.
First, this is the first Stanley Cup awarded to a team captain of European Descent, to Nickas Lidstrom. I haven't reasearched it, but I assume the rest have all been Canadian and Americans.
Second, to get your name inscribed on the Stanley cup, you need to have either played in a stanley cup championship game, or else have played in 40+ games during the regular season. Also, the team can petition for a player to have his name put on the cup, if he otherwise didn't meet the other requirements. They mentioned it in regards to Chris Chelios, who played in over 60 games during the regular season, but did not play in the Cup finals. He has now won his third stanley cup, his second with Detroit, the other with Montreal.
The Wings won the game, but the Penguins made a valiant effort at the end. They scored with 1:24 left to bring the score to 3-2. Detroit had scored their 3rd goal earlier, when their goalie Marc-Andre Fleury made a save, the puck fell behind him though. In an effort to freeze the puck, he fell backwards, but the puck squirted into the net, just over the line. 99 out of 100 times the goalie would freeze that puck. Then, with mere seconds left, young gun Sidney Crosby fired the puck, which goalie Chris Osgood deflected just to the left of the net, where Crosby's teammate Marian Hossa was, and he flipped it toward the goal mouth, thru the crease, but safely missed the net. Replay showed that had he been able to direct the rebound into the net, it would have been mere 10ths of a second too late.
This great game has helped bring fans back into the realm.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chicago Makes Top Four to Host 2016 Olympics

Today, the International Olympic Committee has named the top four finalists in the running to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. The IOC Director of Communications Giselle Davies said the top four are : Chicago, Tokyo, Madrid and Rio de Janeiro.
Mayor Richard M. Daley and Chicago's Olympic Bid Committee Chairman Patrick Ryan were on hand for the announcement.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Triple Overtime - Pittsburgh stays alive in Stanley Cup

Now, I have officially come back to enjoy hockey after the 2005 Strike/Lockout.
I enjoyed watching the Stanley Cub Finals, seeing the upstart Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Detroit Red Wings on an triple overtime goal Petr Sykora. Too bad for the Red Wings, getting a high sticking call against Jiri Hudler, drew some blood so got a 4 minute call. Will Detroit win it? I'd love one of my favorite players raise the Stanley Cup again. Chris Chelios doesn't have much left in the tank, but he's giving it everything he's got. I do want to see Pittsburgh win, because how can anyone from Chicago root for Detroit? But don't forget Pittsburgh also swept the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals in 1992 when they last won the cup with Super Mario and Jaromir Jagr.

It was funny seeing the Wings change their jerseys during the game and the crowd thru octopi and chanted 'We Want The Cup' hundreds of times. Osgood, gave up an unfortunate goal that Pittsburgh slammed in with about 34 seconds left in the 3rd period to tie it up. They lead early 2-0 but the Wings scraped back to tie the game.

Young Penguins captain, Sidney Crosby looks good with Malkin, Staal, Dupuis and crew, they have a very talented team and will be contenders for years to come. Long live Lord Stanley, and bring on game 6.

R.I.P. Bo Diddley, "Who do you love?"

Tinkers to Evers to Chance

I recently purchased a framed copy of the famous poem by Franklin Adams, called "Baseball's Sad Lexicon." On the plaque are reprints of the T-206 cards of Chicago Cubs greats : shortstop Joe Tinker, second baseman Johnny Evers, and first baseman Frank Chance.

Here is the great poem:

These are the saddest of possible words:
"Tinker to Evers to Chance."
Trio of bear cubs, and fleeter than birds,
Tinker and Evers and Chance.
Ruthlessly pricking our gonfalon bubble,
Making a Giant hit into a double --
Words that are heavy with nothing but trouble:
"Tinker to Evers to Chance."

Adams wrote the poem in his newspaper column in the Evening Mail, called "Always in Good Humor" Adams, who was from Chicago, wrote the poem on his trip to the Polo Grounds to see the Cubs-Giants game.

Cubs Best record in baseball

This is the first time since 1908 that the Chicago Cubs have had the best record in baseball on June 1. Last time they were, they won the World Series. It is a long way till October, Cubs fans know this well. I refer you to my earlier post about the skewed home game schedule for the first half of the year.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Wow! Cubs make comeback from 8 runs down

I had the pleasure to enjoy the Cubs miraculous comeback today at Wrigley field against the Colorado Rockies. The day started out gloomy, with drizzling rain all morning which delayed the start of the game by 22 minutes. Then, Ted Lilly quickly gave up 4 runs in the top of the first inning, which could have been more, if it weren't for one of today's stars Mark DeRosa. Lou Piniella decided to sit some of the starters, Theriot, Ramirez, etc. DeRosa made a leaping grab of a line shot down third base, reaching up over his head and grabbed a shot that was destined for the corner and a 3 bagger for sure.

Lilly then gave up 3 runs in the 3rd, and one each in the 4th and 5th. The ball was flying out of Wrigley left and right (mostly to left!) Colorado had 2 shots off the ivy, and one off the basket as well. If any of those left, the game may have been over. Leiber soon replaced Lilly.

The Cubs, down 8-1 in the 6th inning, scraped back, with a double into the ivy by Micah Hoffpauir, followed by home runs by Fukudome and Edmonds. In the 7th, the Cubs rallied and put up 6 runs on home runs by defensive replacement Henry Blanco, then DeRosa blasted one to left to put the Cubs up for good, 10-9. Kerry Wood closed it out in the 9th for his 13th save of the year.

What a rally! The crowd, happy they waited out the weather, enjoyed a great comeback, on what turned out to be a gorgeous day..the sun came out and was shining.
What a great win for the Cubs, their 5th in a row to keep them on top of MLB, with the best record in baseball.

Young Hockey star killed

Luc Bourdon, rookie defenseman who played in 27 games for the Vancouver Canucks last year, died Thursday when he was involved in a crash with a tractor-trailer. He was riding a motorcycle near his hometown, Shippagan, New Brunswick, Canada. He was 21.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chicago Blackhawks to Play at Wrigley Field

There is a buzz around town that the Blackhawks will announce plans to play the Detroit Red Wings at Wrigley Field in the NHL's second outdoor Winter Classic.

Many believe it will be announced Friday, since Blackhawks Hall of Famers Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita and Tony Esposito will be at Wrigley Field for the Friday Cubs game and will sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch.

Previously NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said Chicago is the top runner.

On Jan 1, 2008 Buffalo played the first outdoor NHL game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, who defeated the Sabres 2-1 in a shootout.

Also Michigan has played Michigan State outdoors in the past in college pucks.

This will be a great thing for Wrigley. It can hold 41,000 in the stands, plus whatever field seats they add. Wrigley scored a hit 2 years ago when Jimmy Buffet played over the Labor Day weekend. Also, the Police sold out Wrigley Field last year on their reunion tour. The Blackhawks have made a turn around and look to have the building blocks of a good team to come, having missed the playoffs all but 1 of the last 10 years. They have 2 Calder candidates in Toews and Kane. Notwithstanding the great Red Wings - Blackhawks rivalry from the 80's and 90's. This all points to a great game and great promotion.....get your long underwear ready!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chicago Sports Celebrities

Here is a list of the Chicago sports athletes and celebrities that I have met while working at the Oakbrook Movie Theatres. Many athletes live in Oakbrook and the surrounding areas.
(keep in mind I worked there over 10 years ago.)

Jeremy Roenick
Dirk Graham
Chris Chelios
Eddie Belfour

Chicago Whitesox
Bo Jackson
Darren Jackson
Ron Karkovice

John Cusack
Jane March
Director Jean-Jacques Annaud
Ming Na
Dick Versace (basketball coach)
Traci Lords

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jeremy Roenick to play a 20th season

Jeremy Roenick agreed to play a 20th season in the NHL, signing to return to San Jose Sharks. After a couple of poor years due to injury, he had a respectable season in 2008, a 19-year veteran, had 14 goals and 19 assists for San Jose.
He has compiled a nice resume in his career.
9 All-Star games.
the 3rd American-born player to score 500 career goals
Has had a 50 goal season.
He has played in 1,321 NHL games with Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Jose.
He has 509 career goals, ranking 36th in league history, and 694 assists. Among American-born players, he ranks second in career goals, third in points and sixth in assists.
I had the pleasure to meet Roenick back when I managed the Oak Brook movie theatre. He was very friendly, and we talked for 5 minutes as he came in to see a movie. He also remembered my name and said goodbye to me after the game. I was a huge Roenick fan when he played for the blackhawks. With Belfour, Chelios, Larmer and crew, they brought the Hawks to the Stanley Cup finals in 1991, only to be beaten by Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr and the Pens. He was truly a fan favorite, despite his tendency to be vocal on issue at times.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MLB Stadium Tour

I have partaken on a tour of the MLB baseball stadiums.
I am not doing it in any certain amount of time, but my friends and I are trying to hit the stadiums and also go to famous food joints in the home cities.

1. Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs, (my hometown so the food places have been well accounted for.
2. Comiskey Park (AKA US Cellular Field, Chicago White Sox.
3. Busch Stadium, St. Louis Cardinals. Toasted ravioli at Charlie Gitto's
4. Kauffman stadium, Kansas City Royals, Arthur Bryant's BBQ
5. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles Dodgers Dodger Dogs
6. AT&T Ballpark, San Francisco Giants. Mama's Restaurant
7. PNC Park, Pittsburgh Pirates, Primanti Brothers Sandwiches
8. Miller Park & old Milwaukee Stadium, Milwaukee Brewers. Brats Brats Brats
9. Yankee Stadium, New York Yankees, Rays Pizza
10. Shea Stadium, New York Mets
11. Minute Maid Park, Houston Astros
12. Chase Field, Arizona Diamondbacks Tortilla Flat Restaurant & Saloon
13. Metrodome, Minnesota Twins cheese curds
14. COORS FIELD, Denver Colorado.
15. Angels Stadium, Anaheim CA.
17. SAFECO Field, Seattle, WA. -Garlic Fries

Stadiums Left: Boston, Tampa Bay, Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, Texas, Oakland, Philadelphia, Florida, Atlanta, Washington, Cincinnati, San Diego

Bulls Get #1 Pick

Is everything coming up Rose's for the Bulls?
They drew the #1 PingPong ball, a mere 1.7% chance....and get the first pick in the 2008-09 NBA Lottery.

Does anyone remember when Jerry Krause went crazy when he got the long shot, maybe 8-9 years ago? Lets see how the Bulls play this card.
Now, maybe a coach will be interested.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tony Esposito NHL Alumni Signature Series Wine

I had the pleasure to meet Blackhawks great Tony Esposito this weekend at an autograph signing at the local Jewel by my home. Bobby Hull was to make an appearance as well, but he was under the weather, and hopefully he'll be back soon. Tony Esposito was signing on behalf of the NHL Alumni association new signature series wine collection. He was funny, cracked a few jokes. We talked a bit about the Blackhawks rookies Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. He says Toews is the real deal, and said he was at the game when he got creamed in the corner and received 40 or so stitches afterwards. He thinks he'll be a star.
Oh, the wine, its a 2005 California Cabernet Sauvignon, pretty tasty too. They are only going for $14.99 with much of the proceeds going to that local players charity. They have 12 different NHL alumni sponsors, Mike Richter, Gordie Howe and Pat LaFontaine among them. Check them out.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tribune rejects another offer from Illinois Sports Facilities Authority for Wrigley

The Chicago Tribune Company rejected another proposal on Tuesday from the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority to acquire Wrigley Field. They indicated that the new offer was not workable from a team standpoint. Previous reports have indicated that they may keep the name Wrigley Field, but that is speculation at this point.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Cubs Sweep, First place, going after a Cub Killer?

The Chicago Cubs came from behind on a rain soaked Mothers day to beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 6-4 and move into a first-place tie in the National League Central Division on Sunday. They won the game on Daryle Ward's two-run, pinch-hit double with the bases loaded in the eighth inning. This completed a three-game sweep of the D-Backs. This is not much saving grace from the sweep in the NLDS last fall, but it's something. Neither scheduled starter got the start- Zambrano and Randy Johnson, which was good news for the Cubs, as Johnson was 12-0 in 13 starts lifetime against the Cubs.

Speaking of Cubs killers, Rumor has it that the Cubs are looking into acquiring Veteran outfielder Jim Edmonds, who has faired well against the Cubs and is on the list of Cub Killers---those who always find a way to get the clutch hit to send the Cubs to the loss column. He has slowed a step, but still has some power despite a bad back. I feel he is no better than Reed Johnson is now in center field. The Cubs are contemplating sending Pie down to the minors, but I feel they should call up Rookie Sam Fuld who played well for the team in September call-ups last season. Who could forget his catch he made as he ran face first into the ivy covered wall?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Fighting Illini Coaches -Meet & Greet Tour

I received this flyer in the mail yesterday from the University of Illinois.

Illini Men's Basketball Joins Football for Upcoming Meet and Greet Tour.

Weber and Howard team up with Zook for Chicagoland, Springfield, Bloomington and Peoria visits.
Coach Weber will attend Meet and Greet Tour stops in Lisle, Bloomington and Peoria.

May 2, 2008

Champaign, Ill. - Coaches from the University of Illinois' Division of Intercollegiate Athletics will be traveling the state once again this spring, visiting with Illini fans as part of the second annual Meet and Greet Tour. The four scheduled stops include Chicagoland (Lisle) on May 12, Springfield on May 22, Bloomington on June 4 and Peoria on June 19.

Head football coach Ron Zook is already set to attend all four locations. The Illini men's basketball program will also be in attendance with head coach Bruce Weber speaking at the Lisle, Bloomington and Peoria events while assistant coach Jerrance Howard visits the Springfield event.

"We have loyal fans throughout the state who continue to show tremendous support for our teams," Weber said. "The Meet and Greet Tour is a great opportunity for us to join Coach Zook in visiting these cities that bleed Orange and Blue and talking Illini basketball and football."

A final lineup of other speakers at each venue will be announced at a later date. Fans will have the opportunity to take photos, get autographs and ask direct questions of the coaches at each Meet and Greet location. Team posters, ticket information and schedule cards also will be available at each stop.

All four events are free admission and include complimentary appetizers. All Meet and Greets will begin at 7 p.m. Due to space limitations, the events are limited to the first 500 fans. To reserve your place, register on-line here.

2008 Meet and Greet Schedule

May 12, 2008, 7 p.m. -- Chicagoland (Lisle)
Chicago-Wyndham, Lisle-Chicago Executive Meeting Center
3000 Warrenville Road
Lisle, IL

May 22, 2008, 7 p.m. -- Springfield
Illini Country Club
1601 S Illini Rd
Springfield, IL

June 4, 2008, 7 p.m. -- Bloomington
Bloomington Country Club
605 N Towanda Ave
Bloomington, IL

June 19, 2008, 7 p.m. -- Peoria
Embassy Suites East Peoria
100 Conference Center Drive
East Peoria, IL

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pat Foley Returns to Chicago Blackhawks

It was mentioned in the papers today that legendary Chicago Blackhawks announcer Pat Foley will return to the airwaves calling the games for the Chicago Blackhawks next year. It was stupid for the Hawks to cut ties with him 2 years ago, he is what kept the fans interested in the game....those great calls..."Baaaaaaaanermann with the save....." and just "Bellllll-fooooourr" to go along with "he shoots, he scoooooooores"

Good to have him back.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kid-K gets the Save on his 10th Aniversary

Kerry Wood notched the save against the Cincinnati Reds tonight in a 3-0 victory for the Chicago Cubs. It was 10 years ago today that Kerry Wood struck out 20 batters against the Houston Astros. Wow how time flies bye. Kerry Wood has never lived up to expectations though, having made numerous trips to the DL, Tommy John, but he does look pretty comfortable in the closer role. Lets hope he learns how to properly strike people out, without yielding the numerous Home Runs that he has in the past. A closer doesn't have that comfort zone, and every hit, walk and home run given up can sink the team. Here's Woody's old Rookie Card as we reminisce down memory lane with that gem of a game on May 6, 1998.

Rashard Mendenhall robbed

Another Chicago athlete makes the news this week.

Rashard Mendenhall, a former Fighting Illini star running back and first round draft pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers (#23 overall) was robbed at gunpoint while walking along Chicago's lakefront, near 39th Street and Lake Shore Drive his agent and mother said.

"He didn't get hit or anything, he didn't get hurt or anything," his mother Sybil Mendenhall said. "He's fine."

Police spokesman John Mirabelli said that around 2am on Monday morning, they were robbed at the lakefront around 2 a.m. Monday by two offenders, but declined to identify the victims. No one has been arrested for the crime, he said.

Hmmm, isn't this part of the area that is proposed to be used for the Olympics?
The city of Chicago has some work to do here.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cedric....oh Cedric...don't you learn anything at these team meetings?

Cedric Benson Arrested, Alleges Police Abuse

Now I know you all have heard the news over the weekend, Chicago Bears running back Cedric Benson was arrested on a drinking-related charge last weekend while Benson was on his boat Saturday night near Austin, Texas. He is now facing charges of boating while intoxicated and resisting arrest.

Now, he claims he has been repeatedly stopped for similar incidents. Stop going there, change lakes, change states!

He was subdued with pepper spray and arrested, but claims that he wasn't drunk and didn't resist arrest. Either way, don't get in these situations. Pay someone to drive your boat...the captain never drives. You make millions, pay someone to shine your shoes, drive your boat, hold your money bags! Even if you were innocent....stay out of these situations that can get you in deep water (ha ha ha...these puns kill me!)

And then I read he called for his Momma....we'll leave it at that.

I'm sure Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo had long meetings with the team about behaving properly in public. Jeeze, your career lasts 10 years for pro football...and thats only if your good, the average I think is 3 years and your out.

This makes it easy for the Bears to really give rookie Matt Forte a real shot...and now the barganing chip is his court. We'll all see how this plays out.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

10,000 Chicago Cubs' Wins

Wow, the Cubs have won 10,000 games.
Who says they are the Lovable Losers?
The Cubs are 10,000-9,465 all-time, so that means they have a winning record!
They are off to their best start since 1975.
100 years since their last World Series victory though.
They trail only the New York/San Francisco Giants in overall wins.
Enjoy it Cub Fans.

I just went past wrigley, and they have a white 10,000 flag hanging opposite of the W flag in center field. Very cool. Only problem is that they lost to Colorado today, and the W flag shouldn't be up! Oh well, let's win tomorrow.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Chin Music

I dug the sign hanging outside of Wrigley this weekend, I'm sure it wasn't just the $6.25 Old Style's that makes this cool.

Kerry Wood: "I like Country Rock and Chin Music."

Check out Wrigley field famous sign live!


It doesn't happen often, but both the Cubs and the White Sox are in first place on the same day. The Cubs have been beating up on the hapless Pirates, having beaten them 6 times this year already, part of the reason the cubs are 12-6.
I had the pleasure of attending Friday's 3-2 nailbiter, then the Cubs walloped the Pirates for 13 runs each game Sat and Sunday. Wow. Glad our bats have come alive.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Former Chicago Bulls Jason Caffey Gets bankruptcy relief

Here is an article that I stumbled upon to show that even pro ball players have bankruptcy issues....although, he brought this on least he is taking steps to cure the on..

From the Press Register
Woman in court in Caffey case
Mother of ex-NBA player's son accused of violating court order
Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Staff Reporter

An Atlanta woman entitled to tens of thousands of dollars in child support from a former professional basketball player went to federal court in Mobile on Tuesday to battle a $40,000 judgment entered against her for violating the player's bankruptcy.

Tuesday's hearing repre sented the latest twist in a saga that has seen former Chicago Bulls power forward Jason Caffey -- who is from Mobile and was a star player for Da vidson High School -- go from admired millionaire athlete to an alleged deadbeat dad who claims he cannot make court-ordered payments to seven women who have had at least eight of his children.

Karen Russell, who has been fighting Caffey for years over payments for their 15-year-old son, did win a small victory in that Tuesday hearing.
U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Margaret A. Mahoney decided that Russell, who now lives in Atlanta, should be able to appeal the $40,000 order, even though the normal 10-day window for doing so has closed.

Earlier this year, Mahoney had ordered Russell to pay after determining that she violated a freeze on debt collection mandated by Caffey's bankruptcy.

Russell said outside the courtroom that she was stunned when she learned that Mahoney had entered the judgment against her.

"It's surprising to me that they would even allow him to file bankruptcy to get out of paying child support," she said.

Under federal law, a bankruptcy judge cannot wipe away Caffey's child support obligations. But all creditors -- including the mothers of his children -- are supposed to stop all efforts to collect their debts while Caffey works out a bankruptcy plan with the court.

Still to be resolved is Caffey's demand that Russell pay his attorneys' fees. Mahoney set a hearing next month for that matter and suggested that Russell might want to hold off on her appeal until a final decision is made then.

Tuscaloosa County Circuit Judge Herschel T. Hamner Jr. found Caffey in contempt in July for not paying child support, and an arrest warrant was issued in August.

Caffey filed for bankruptcy protection that same month, yet Hamner issued the arrest warrant shortly afterward.

Mahoney ruled that Russell had a duty to put an end to the proceedings once the bankruptcy was filed. Not only did Russell not do so, the judge ruled, but she accepted money in October as part of a settlement Caffey's lawyer negotiated in order to get his client out of jail.

Russell, meanwhile, claims that she never knew about the bankruptcy order. She said an address where the notice was mailed is a Montgomery post office box that she set up to receive child support payments.

Lawyers who were representing Russell at the time have said they did not receive notice, either, despite testimony that Caffey's lawyers left phone messages and sent copies of the order by fax and e-mail.

Russell, who works for a chemical company, said she met Caffey when both attended the University of Alabama. They did not date exclusively or for very long, she said, but the relationship produced a son. She said she began having problems getting Caffey to pay within months of a child support order in 1995.

The only time Caffey regularly paid, Russell said, was when it was automatically deducted from his paycheck from the NBA. Court records put the child support debt at more than $82,000; Russell said it exceeds $100,000 when attorneys' fees are included.

Russell's lawyer, Penny Douglass Furr, said the $40,000 judgment against her client is separate from the money Caffey owes, meaning she could not simply deduct the amount.

"That's basically a year's salary for Karen."

Monday, April 14, 2008

Extra innings

This is how to wear down your bullpen:
Monday: 12 innings. Win
Wednesday 15 innings. Win
Sunday: 10 innings. Win

Now, Jon Lieber has been invaluable to the bullpen, although I thought he should have been the #5 starter ahead of Jason (if I don't start, I don't want to be here) Marquis. He has the best attitude, and hell, he was the last 20 game winner for the Cubs!

Game notes: in Sunday's 10 inning win against Philly, I was surprised that Pinnella used Carlos Zambrano to pinch hit for Kerry Wood in the 10th inning. Although, his routine grounder was thrown by Chase Utley into the dugout letting the winning run score, it would have otherwise been a double play. The Cubs had no one left on their bench, having used everyone else but the relief pitchers and other starters. I would have left Kerry Wood in, even if you were going to bring in Howry in the 11th....Wood has some pop in his bat, and has a decent eye at the plate for a pitcher. This way, you could still use Zambrano in later innings as needed. Alas, I don't get paid millions to make that decision, at least they won!

Friday, April 11, 2008

5 game win streak

Nice to see the Cubs put together a 5 game win streak here. Although 1/2 was against Pittsburgh, it was on the road. They did a good job battling back after giving up the lead.....Heck , tuesday, they were up 7-0 and almost lost it, until they won in 15 innings. The team has shown some resolve, in battling back in the late innings. Years past they would just roll over and look to tomorrow's game. Sweet Lou's influence is working. Go get em boys.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Congrats KU

Congratulations on winning the NCAA Tourney this year Kansas. Yes, this is a Chicago blog, and yes,there are Chicago Connections. Derrick Rose played on Memphis, missed a key free-throw with 9 seconds remaining, which gave the Jayhawks a final shot - and yes, they sunk the 3 to tie the game and went on to win in OT.

Congrats to Bill Self, former coach of the University of Illinois. Self was a great coach, great recruiter too, Derron Williams, Luther Head and Dee Brown were all his recruits from the 2005 team who lost to NC in the championship game a few years ago.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

right closer?

After blowing a 0-0 game in the ninth on opening day, Kerry Wood has settled down and notched his 3rd save in 3 oportunities during the first week of baseball in 2008. Let's keep up the heat and keep shutting them down.

Patrick Kane gets my vote for ROY

Patrick Kane has an awesome shot (no pun intended) at getting some hardware this year ...rookie of the year award. He has 21 goals and 51 assists, for 72 points. His teammate, Jonathan Toews led all rookie skaters with 24 goals. These two should light the lamp for years to come, so I hope Tallon inks them for long term deals. Heck, use the tv revenue they will pull in next year!

TV Time

The Hawks have announced that all 82 games, both HOME and away, will be on television for the 08-09 season. This is the first time ever for the hawks. Comcast and WGN have won the bids for the games. This hopefully will help re-build the fan base that has become quite depleted over the last 10 years. Sub-par play, sub-par management, and trading away all of the fan favorites has had quite the impact. Now it looks like the team has turned the corner. They have added some top notch rookies in Kane and Toews...great job Tallon! The team barely missed the playoffs, having one thier last 4 games. Now, with the youngsters, it looks like they will be a playoff caliber team next year, with the ability to see them on TV every time. The United Center has been sold out for the past few weeks too, so it shows that the fan base is coming back around.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

As Johnny Drama would say..."Victory!"

hawks win
cubs got first win
sox got first win
hawks need a prayer to make the playoffs but are fighting
cubs have a deep lineup and pitching staff
sox...well, a team will never go 0-162 so they had to win at least one

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Here we go again....

Kerry Wood was not a very effective closer yesterday on opening day for the Cubs (He gave up 3 runs.) Neither was Bob Howry ( gave up game winning run), nor formerly lights out - Eric Gagne for the Brewers, (Gave up the game tying 3run homer in the bottom of the 9th to Rookie Kosuke Fukudome.) Carlos Marmol, on the otherhand, pitched a gem of an inning in the 8th when Carlos Zambrano tired...yes, cramps again.

Now, I am not really a Sox fan, but they did get screwed double time in the 8th on opening day. Congrats to Thome who knocked out 2 dingers to start the season off...nice (and he's on my fantasy team!) But Crede was totally safe at home...the relay was high, catcher made a vague swing tag, but missed him from the angle I saw. Then right after that, the umps called runner interference when the Sox went to try to break up the double play, he slid, caught the 2nd base bag with his foot, albeit slid over the bag, but he was out anyways. Just because the runner tossed his hands in the air (many do when sliding) the ump called interference. He did drift towards the 2nd baseman, but was nowhere really near him, and did not touch him. Rough calls.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Still in the Hunt

Wow! The Blackhawks are still mathematically in the hunt! 3 games left, 4 points out.....if they win out, including 2 vs the Dead Wings, er..Red Wings....they could slip in the backdoor and grab the 8th spot in the West. It was a pleasure seeing the home game on national TV as well, looking forward, to seeing many more next year.

PS. Happy Birthday, Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe. He turns 80 today.

Let's Play Two

"It's a great day for baseball........let's play two!"
Finer words won't describe baseball, and one of it's all time fans, Chicago great, Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks.

Banks has been enshrined in a statue located on the famous intersection of Clark and Addison in front of Wrigley field. A fine gesture by the Cubs, for a fine ambassador of the game, Ernie Banks. Cubs greats, along with Hammerin' Hank Aaron were on hand to witness the unveiling of the statue which immortalizes the Cub great.

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Bears bump up to the # 7 pick in Round 3, up from #12. While this may not be a big deal.....the Bears have had a lot of success in the lower rounds...remember Devin Hester in the 2nd round?

Poor 49ers - they tampered with Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs.

They also lose a 5th round pick. Some controversy...sounds like the Niners only called Drew Rosenhaus, Brigg's agent....but claim it was only to talk about another player.

And did you hear about the talk of requiring haircuts in the NFL? ....what about the classic 70's afros?

Monday, March 24, 2008

We got Wood

Well Woody made the closer role. Let's just hope he doesn't throw out is arm like the power pitcher he can be. Wonder how much finesse he'll have? He can hit the mid 90's so, I think he's hoping to have people leave the bat on their shoulder.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has had their fill of college b-ball this weekend. It was nice to go 14-16 my first day in my bracket, then to get it smashed by the all of the upsets on Friday! 2 13 seeds and a 12seed advanced. Duke fell on Saturday, and there were some great matchups....Marquette-Stanford game was awesome. Good luck to the rest of you.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wood - sore back? That can't be true

Kerry wood injury report.....suggestions are that it was true, just sore! Kerry pitched fine the next day, hasn't walked anyone yet this preseason, and looks to be the forerunner for the cubs closer role on opening day.

This should be taken with a grain of salt, as Wood has a lifetime membership to the DL. The Cubs have been notorious in misleading the press and fans about injuries.....notably Woody and Mark Prior. Time will tell, but fantasy owners take note...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

World Travelers

I just got back from Dublin, I had went over for Saint Patrick's Day. It was huge, much bigger then the Chicago Loop and the Chicago South Side parade combined. Reports say that there were 870,000 people in attendance....imagine the Guinness that poured that day!!!! I did my fair share to help.

But, low and behold, who was the first band in the parade? None other than the Marching Illini! Since there wasn't going to be a NCAA tourney appearance this year....alas, neither a NIT appearance....they were spectacular! They had the flag corps there, followed by the full band. They sounded good. They played some popular parade patriotic songs while they passed me, (I was situated on Dame St. just across from Temple Bar district. What a joy. I saw them in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl in January and now in Dublin. Ironically, I didn't see them in Champaign this year. How funny. Enjoy the video clip.

Dear Chicago Bulls: WTF!!

While I admit I am not a Bulls fan, if I had to root for a team, it would be them. I just don't like pro basketball. I did get caught up in the Michael Jordan era, what Chicagoan didn't? But, once these players graduate...(or at least leave college---wink wink) and go pro...that's the end of the line for me.

Now, I read today that Bulls are raising ticket prices. Here is an excerpt from the Chicago Tribune.

According to invoices obtained by the Tribune and confirmed by team officials, 18 percent, or those seats in the corners of the 100 level and between the baskets on the 200 level, will cost $5 more. Fifteen percent of the seats, those representing prime real estate, will be hit harder.

Seats between the baskets on the 100 level jump to $135 from $120, or 12.5 percent. Main floor seats go to $250 from $225. And courtside seats increase to $950 from $850.

All 300 level seats cost the same, as do corner seats on the 200 and end-zone seats on the 100 and 200 levels.

Steve Schanwald, the Bulls' executive vice president/business operations, said 500 seats in the 300
level still will be sold for $10 per game.

The line that really irked me is their justification for the ticket price raise......and during a mediocre year at that....

"We don't relish the thought of increases but we have to keep pace," Schanwald said. "From 1999-2005 we didn't raise ticket prices one dollar."

Keep pace? With who? The Nicks, the Lakers? Ha! They should have just said..."team sucks, we don't really sell much merchandise, tickets, playoff tickets, parking, so we need to pillage our fan base for some extra capital. 'We aren't making as much money as the big boys, we're the 3rd largest market in the we should be making top 3 money......This team doesn't have a star, it has a bunch of slackers, wannabe's, has-beens and a couple rookies, who wants to pay more for that! What a joke.

My biggest issue with basketball players is that they are all in it for the money. No? tell me how many players have played for the same team from start to finish (over 10 years in the league) ?? I don't follow basketball close enough, but I know it is not many.....heck, even Jordan tainted his career by playing for the Wizzards. Corporations should boycott this mess, and just pick up tickets on Ebay or Stubhub for 1/2 price on the day of the game, like 80% of the fans.
Congratulations Bulls've won "alienation of the fans award" of the year.

Nice move for the fans.....

Chicago Blackhawks lured away John McDonough and made him team president.
This was a nice move, as he made some great advances with the Chicago Cubs.

McDonough has developed the Chicago Blackhawks convention, an off-season meet and great, rally, new player introduction event over several days. The Cubs Convention has been very popular with the Cubs fans in the past, and we hope the tradition will continue. The Chicago Blackhawks have been very fan friendly, even while the team has been down and out. They have had numerous signings at stores around town, last year they tried fan business cards, where the players could hand a fan a business card, which would get him an autograph at a later time, and the always popular "Jersey off our backs" nite for the fan appreciation final game.

A new change implemented should help draw back some of the old time Blackhawks fans who may have been disenchanted over the last decade. Recently Hawks’ legendary goaltender Tony Esposito, whose jersey has been retired, was honored at last nite's pre-game ceremony. He becomes the third team ambassador, joining Blackhawk's greats Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita. Nice move McDonough, now keep the ticket prices down, get with Rocky Wirtz to get all of the home games on TV next year, and the fan base will come back, and grow with these skilled rookies the team has developed this year. Good Job Dale Tallon.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Great Job Hawks!

Thanks for folding down the stretch, 4 Losses in a row, sitting 12th in the conference now....they'll need to win out save some miracle now. Guess the kids will learn that it is better to win early.
Although, injuries have hurt us, Havlat is gimpy, Khabibuln has not performed up to his past performance either.....go get another top draft pick Dale Tallon.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Unbalanced Schedule

Ok now, who made up the Chicago Cubs schedule this year?
Running down the Schedule:
49 home games before the All-Star break.
32 home games after the All-Star break.
Now, this seems to favor a good pitching staff, and small ball clubs.
The Cubs are not built for small-ball, although the addition of Fukudome does help.
The Cubs have big bats. Chicago is cold in the spring, there as been snow at some early games in the last few years. The big bats warm up in the summer, and the Cubs have big bats...Ramirez, Lee, Soriano, and now Fukudome looks like he has some pop....
Are the scheduling gods unfair to the cubs?
The Cubs do have a decent staff....but the last few years (contract talks aside) big Z, Carlos Zambrano doesn't start heating up until it warms up.
So, we'll see how Lou Pinella manages the club with this in mind. He's got the small ball players to work with...Theriot, Fontenot, DeRosa & nice would Brian Roberts fit in here.....

Monday, March 10, 2008

Playoff push?

Can the Blackhawks make the run to the playoffs after a huge drought?
They are sure trying!
These kids are the real deal - Patrick Hane, and Jonathan Toews are going to be lighting the lamp over and over.Now that the team is gelling, they have gone 9-4-1 in their last 15 games.
With 13 games left, they are just 5 points out of the 8th playoff spot in the west. These kids got spirit and grit....just check out Toews face after a vicious check behind the net.
Keep that head up!

Welcome to Chicago Sports Chat Blog

Hi all. I've started this blog to toss in my two cents about Chicago Sports.
Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls and White Sox to the Rush, Wolves, Sky or Shamrox, I'll hit them all. Even college too. So sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and enjoy.